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LA Times Interview and Photoshoot

The LA Times have released a new interview and photoshoot with Emily! I’m not a huge fan of these new pictures but Emily can pull anything off so she still looks beautiful! There is also a video interview which you can watch here, screen captures are in the gallery.

Just what is it about Emily Blunt? The British beauty seems to specialize in taking borderline-unlikable characters and imparting them with unforgettable vulnerability and charm. Think of her pin-thin, prickly but ultimately terrorized fashionista in The Devil Wears Prada. Or her damaged and aimless little sister in Sunshine Cleaning.
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T4 Interview

A few days ago Emily and Benicio del Toro were interviewed on Channel 4’s T4! The video is below, screen captures have been added to the gallery.

Handbag.Com Interview

For promotion for The Wolfman Emily was interviewed by She talks about her character, working with her costars and her dislike of horror films! Captures are in the gallery. View the video behind the cut.

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David Letterman Video

On the 19th November, Emily made an appearance on the David Letterman show! The video is now up on youtube, thanks to Amy for posting the link! Here is the video and screen captures are in the gallery. Em looks great and her ski story was hilarious!

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