A Royal Talent

December 7

It’s not easy to steal scenes from Meryl Streep, but Emily Blunt managed to do just that as the love-to-hate-her assistant in The Devil Wears Prada. Blunt followed up that Golden Globe-nominated role with a series of diverse and fascinating characters, and the world hasn’t been able to take its eyes off the actress ever since. (Of course it doesn’t hurt her cool factor that she’s engaged to The Office’s lovable and hysterical John Krasinski.) In her latest film, Blunt takes on none other than Queen Victoria, capturing a part of the royal’s life we don’t often see. We recently sat down with the divine Brit to talk great parts, amazing costars and staying out of the Hollywood spotlight.

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Blunt by name, but not by nature

March 8

Emily Blunt, known for playing uptight types, is as warm in her new role as Victoria as she is talking to Julia Molony

Emily Blunt is perched ornamentally on a couch in the centre of an opulent suite in London’s Mandarin Oriental hotel. Her spike-heeled feet are pulled up and arranged beside her at an artful right-angle to the rest of her body. Her posture is as upright as a statue. To her growing Hollywood audience at least, who know her through her most famous roles in The Devil Wears Prada and The Jane Austen Book Club, Blunt has become known for a certain British froideur.

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Emily Blunt: Naughty but nice

March 6

Actress Emily Blunt will have a Scotch on the rocks, if you’re asking. Or a vodka with a dash of soda water and a splash of cranberry. If the sun is shining, she will take a bottle of Corona beer with a lime wedge in the top. “Oh no, I’ve made myself sound like an alcoholic now, haven’t I?” she says, counting out her favourite poisons on the fingers of one hand.

It’s not the conversation opener I expected from the refined-looking Blunt. As the fantastically neurotic and snooty assistant to Meryl Streep’s magazine editor in The Devil Wears Prada, she stalked the set as if she had a coat hanger stuck down the back of her blouse.

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Victoria actress ‘felt pressure’

March 6

In The Young Victoria, Emily Blunt plays the title role and was determined to portray a very different side to the youthful Queen Victoria than we’ve ever seen. The Devil Wears Prada actress explains what it was like working with co-star Rupert Friend, how she managed to squeeze into those corsets and what happened when a real princess came on set.

What was it like to wear the giant dress you had to wear in The Young Victoria?

I’m glad that I didn’t get used to seeing myself like that because it wasn’t that much fun to wear all of those costumes. I think without the corset it would have been beautiful and fun but the corset makes it painful. I have painful memories of them as opposed to beautiful ones.

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A Right Royal Role for Emily Blunt

March 2

Emily Blunt had no time for playing princesses when she was a little girl, but she was prepared to do anything to portray Queen Victoria in her latest film.

“I just thought she was such a remarkable girl and wanted to play her very much,” the 26-year-old actress admits.

“It is rare that I make a plea for a part and I did really want this one, it’s probably the only part I’ve ever really gone down on my hands and knees for.”

Emily, who shot to fame in The Devil Wears Prada, relished the chance to portray the longest reigning monarch in British history in The Young Victoria.

“I had a perception of her. I had the opinion that she was old, in mourning, sour-faced and repressed, and when I started to read about her, I fell in love with her.

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Female First – Emily Blunt Talks The Young Victoria

February 16

Emily Blunt shot to fame in her role as Emily Charlton in The Devil Wears Prada alongside Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway back in 2006. And since then she has seen her star rise working on Charlie Wilson’s War, Dan in Real Life and now The Young Victoria, which follows the early reign of Queen Victoria and her relationship with Albert. So on the set of her new film Emily talking about her regal role. Continue Reading

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The Independent – The Young Victoria – another screen queen

February 13

‘The Young Victoria’ goes a step further than other films about royalty. It is co-produced by Sarah Ferguson and has a cameo for her daughter, Princess Beatrice.

If you’re quick, at the beginning of the historical biopic, The Young Victoria, you can catch glimpse of Princess Beatrice making her movie debut. Actually, you don’t need to be all that quick. The flame-haired princess is practically the first person on the screen, strewing rose petals at the tiny determined feet of Queen Victoria (Emily Blunt) as she strides up the aisle of Westminster Abbey for her coronation. A blast of “Zadok the Priest”, a stunning aerial shot of the vaulted ceiling, a swish of ermine, a flash of diamond … And there she is again! A vaguely embarrassed lady-in-waiting in a frou-frou confection of ivory tulle and pink silk roses, studiously not looking at the camera. Continue Reading

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Mail Online – Blunt praise for our sharp young Queen

February 6

Emily Blunt has decided that her Queen Victoria won’t be rigid and unsmiling – she’ll be a wild child who, behind the scenes, lets her hair down.

Dashing actors Rupert Friend, as Prince Albert, and Paul Bettany, as Lord Melbourne, are the men vying (for different reasons) for the young Victoria’s attention.

“She was a very feisty teenager, unreadable at times,” Emily told me as we sat in her trailer during a break from shooting The Young Victoria on location at Arundel Castle.

“People couldn’t place why she was so charismatic because she was this diminutive little thing, not particularly attractive, but there was so much power in her.”

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