A Royal Talent

December 7

It’s not easy to steal scenes from Meryl Streep, but Emily Blunt managed to do just that as the love-to-hate-her assistant in The Devil Wears Prada. Blunt followed up that Golden Globe-nominated role with a series of diverse and fascinating characters, and the world hasn’t been able to take its eyes off the actress ever since. (Of course it doesn’t hurt her cool factor that she’s engaged to The Office’s lovable and hysterical John Krasinski.) In her latest film, Blunt takes on none other than Queen Victoria, capturing a part of the royal’s life we don’t often see. We recently sat down with the divine Brit to talk great parts, amazing costars and staying out of the Hollywood spotlight.

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Emily Blunt: ‘You Can Get Away With a Lot With This Accent!’

April 16

Though she’s played some forbidding characters on-screen (including her breakout role in The Devil Wears Prada), it’s easy to fall for Emily Blunt. For me, affection came instantly over lunch at the Chateau Marmont as Blunt picked up a menu and cried out, “Arugula and bacon-wrapped dates! Have you had them?”

“Yes,” I said. “Bacon-wrapped anything is—”

“Awesome. I know.”

A woman after my own heart. And Blunt’s clever summation of the actor-ridden Chateau—“It’s a bit like a drama school party, isn’t it?”—didn’t hurt either.

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Victoria actress ‘felt pressure’

March 6

In The Young Victoria, Emily Blunt plays the title role and was determined to portray a very different side to the youthful Queen Victoria than we’ve ever seen. The Devil Wears Prada actress explains what it was like working with co-star Rupert Friend, how she managed to squeeze into those corsets and what happened when a real princess came on set.

What was it like to wear the giant dress you had to wear in The Young Victoria?

I’m glad that I didn’t get used to seeing myself like that because it wasn’t that much fun to wear all of those costumes. I think without the corset it would have been beautiful and fun but the corset makes it painful. I have painful memories of them as opposed to beautiful ones.

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Female First – Emily Blunt Talks The Young Victoria

February 16

Emily Blunt shot to fame in her role as Emily Charlton in The Devil Wears Prada alongside Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway back in 2006. And since then she has seen her star rise working on Charlie Wilson’s War, Dan in Real Life and now The Young Victoria, which follows the early reign of Queen Victoria and her relationship with Albert. So on the set of her new film Emily talking about her regal role. Continue Reading

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