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“Looper”: The inside story

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Since writer-director Rian Johnson and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt first unveiled Looper at WonderCon last March, the filmmaker and his cast have carefully and pointedly kept a major feature of the time-warping sci-fi thriller under wraps. But now that audiences have had a chance to see Looper for themselves this weekend (click here for EW’s B+ review), many of the film’s key players are finally willing to talk about this top secret element for the first time — and using words like “spooky,” “brilliant,” and “extraordinary” to do it.
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2012 TIFF – HQ Gallery Update

Our gallery has been updated with fabulous high quality pics from various events Emily attended during the Toronto Film Festival, including the Arthur Newman Premiere. Check them all out here. Again a big thanks to Jess!

2012 TIFF – “Looper” City News Interview

On TIFF’s very first day, City News sat down with Emily Blunt to discuss the festival opener Looper.

The mind-bending film forays into the future; time travel has been invented but is illegal and only used by criminal organizations. ‘Loopers’ are hired guns tasked with wiping out mob targets who have been sent back in time, never to be seen in the future again. But problems arise when ‘Looper’ Joe [Gordon-Levitt] fails to kill his future self [Willis]. Blunt plays Sara, a single mom from Kansas with a heavy past who gets caught up in Joe’s complicated conundrum.
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2012 TIFF – “Looper” Trailer Addict Interview

2012 TIFF – “Looper” Premiere

Yesterday Emily walked the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of Looper. Emily looked stunning in a Roland Mouret dress, Alexander Birman shoes, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, and a Judith Leiber bag.

Emily Blunt on “Looper”

Entertainment Weekly have a new interview up with Emily in which she discusses Looper.

Up until this week, all the attention around the sci-fi thriller Looper has been on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s transformation into a younger version of Bruce Willis. In the film, written and directed by Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom), Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, a mob assassin called a looper who kills off marks beamed back from the future. It’s a steady, well-paying, simple-if-brutal gig, until one day the mob decides to close your loop, and send back your future self to be killed off, severing all ties to the crime. Unfortunately for Gordon-Levitt, his older self is played by Bruce Willis, who escapes his assassination, forcing the younger Joe to try to chase down and murder his older self.
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“Looper” UK Poster

A new poster UK poster for Looper has been released.

“Looper” to open Toronto

The line up for this years Toronto Film Festival was announced earlier today and it has been confirmed that Looper will open the festival.

Variety – “Looper,” auteur helmer Rian Johnson’s time-travel thriller starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt, will open the 2012 Toronto Film Festival with a genre groove echoing the populist tone set by 2011 opener “From the Sky Down,” Davis Guggenheim’s U2 doc.

The TriStar/FilmDistrict pic’s prime slot was announced Tuesday morning along with 61 Gala and Special Presentation titles. Among the 39 world preems at Toronto, which runs Sept. 6 to Sept. 16, are new films from David O. Russell, Joss Whedon, Neil Jordan, Laurent Cantet and Deepa Mehta.

New “Looper” Production Stills

A few additional production stills from Looper have been added to the gallery.

Emily talks “Looper” with ScreenCrush & Huffinton Post

ScreenCrush and The Huffington Post have posted two new interviews with Emily in which she discusses Looper and her Comic Con appearance.

We’ve seen a bit of you in the trailers, but just a little taste. So what can you tell me about Sarah?
Well, I can’t tell you much really because my character’s plot line hinges on all of the big reveals and surprises of the movie and the twists. So I think that really the most I can say is that she’s an incredibly… She’s kind of a badass.

She’s living on a farm in the middle of nowhere and somehow myself and my family get embroiled in all of this craziness when Joe Gordon-Levitt allows his future self to run. And then when they are battling each other. So my family is somehow involved in all of this and the reasons why they’re battling. – Read All

You are on quite a run lately. Are you conscious of that? Is there a moment when you think, This is working out?
[Pauses] To be honest, I try not to think about that much. I find the job really precarious, you know? And I’m in love with it. I’m very lucky to be doing it. But, yet, I don’t know if you can ever bank on your position. It’s a very fickle business in many ways. So, all I want to do is keep playing great roles in great movies — whether they be made for $80,000 or $80 million. I don’t care. I just want to do good work. I think as soon as you state your position in this industry, you’re sort of stating your future as well. It’s dangerous, because you never f-cking know. You know? – Read All

Entertainment Weekly “Looper” Comic Con Portraits

Pictures from Entertainment Weekly’s portrait session for Looper during this years Comic Con have been added to the gallery. Check them all out here.

“Looper” Comic Con Panel Pictures

Pictures from the Looper panel have finally been added to the gallery. I will do my best to find some more for you guys.

“Looper” Comic-Con panel

Yesterday Emily sat on the Looper panel during this years Comic Con! Entertainment Weekly have a nice round up of the panel which you can read below. Pictures to follow shortly.

he Project: Looper

The Panel: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, director Rian Johnson

Footage Screened: Johnson called the sizzle reel an expanded version of the latest trailer, but there were still brand new peeks at one of the buzziest sci-fi films at Comic-Con. The first was a conversation between Gordon-Levitt — playing Joe, a mob assassin called a Looper who takes out marks zapped back to him from the future — and the mob boss played by a burly, bearded Jeff Daniels. First, the boss noted that he recruited Joe as the youngest Looper he’d ever hired, and then asked Joe where he was going to go after he retired (more on that in a sec). “I’m going to France,” said Joe. “You should go to China,” said the boss. “I’m going to France,” said Joe. “I’m from the future,” said the boss. “You should go to China.”
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“Looper” International Trailer

The international trailer for Looper has been released online. Check it out below.

First “Looper” Production Still

The first production still from Looper featuring Emily has been released and added to the gallery. You can find a few more stills from the movie here.