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New Young Victoria Clip

Hello everyone. There is a new clip from The Young Victoria. It is the scene where Victoria plays chess with Prince Albert, played by Rupert Friend. I added screen captures to the gallery. The video clip has also been added to the video archive.

The Young Victoria World Premiere

The world premiere of The Young Victoria is taking place in Leicester Square, London right now! Emily and her fellow cast mates have braved the cold weather to celebrate the premiere. The first pictures have arrived and have been added to the gallery.

BBC Breakfast

This morning Miss Blunt stopped off at BBC Breakfast to give a quick interview for The Young Victoria, which premieres in London tomorrow night! The interview has been added to the video archive here.

A new article has also been added to the press archive.

Emily Blunt had no time for playing princesses when she was a little girl, but she was prepared to do anything to portray Queen Victoria in her latest film. “I just thought she was such a remarkable girl and wanted to play her very much,” the 26-year-old actress admits. – Read More

New Young Victoria Poster

Hello everyone. I added a new poster from The Young Victoria. Emily looks lovely in this shot, don’t you think? Remember, the movie comes out in the UK on March 6.

Young Victoria Stills

I found a few more movie stills from The Young Victoria and added them to the gallery! The world premiere will take place on March 3 at the Odeon Leicester Square cinema in London.

The Young Victoria TV Spot

A new TV spot for The Young Victoria has aired! Much of the scenes are from the trailers but there are few new bits and I don’t know about you guys, but I love watching them over again anyway! The video has been added to the video archive here. Female First have also posted a interview with Emily that was done whilst she was on set for The Young Victoria.

It’s wonderful. It’s exciting, it’s a challenge to say the least. She was a remarkable girl and so of course you want to do her justice. And there’s a big journey to play with her from this young, rather stubborn teenager to a rather magnetic queen very much in command of herself.
Read the rest of the interview.

New Trailer for “The Young Victoria”

A new trailer has been released for The Young Victoria! Its longer than the other and has a few extra scenes! However it has subtitles on so when I find a clean version I will replace it! Also, Emily is scheduled to appear on the Jonathan Ross Show on February 27th and the world premiere of The Young Victoria will take place in London on March 3rd, it may even turn out to be a royal premiere =) View the new trailer in the video archive, here.

New Young Victoria Stills

Last night I found many new production stills from The Young Victoria and added them to the gallery. Emily looks gorgeous in the many costumes used in the film. As well, you can watch a clip from the film on Youtube. There are screen captures from the scene in the gallery.

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