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The Wolfman Featurette

Thank you so much to Arwen for sending HQ captures of Emily in another Wolfman featurette. They are in the gallery. I recently saw the movie and although scary movies aren’t really my thing, Emily was really good in it.

Examiner Interview have posted a great new interview with Emily, talking about The Wolf Man amongst other things! The interview has been added to the press archive, you can read it here.

How was it to working with Benicio Del Toro?
It was intense! No. He’s awesome to work with. He’s such a rare actor, in that he has a real unique approach to a scene. He’s exciting to work with, because he’s quite raw and instinctual, so you don’t really know what he will do in the scene. The scene can really take shape and it can dance and shape shift, in some ways. I love working like that because there’s a real openness, and you need a co-star who’s going to play with you in that way. He’s a great guy. We had a laugh on the movie. He’s a lot of fun. He’s a big teddy bear. People don’t know that. [She laughs.] …. Read On.

The Wolfman LA Premiere

The LA premiere of The Wolfman was held last night and Emily was in attendance, looking gorgeous in a Grecian style dress. Over 100 pictures have been added to the gallery!

T4 Interview

A few days ago Emily and Benicio del Toro were interviewed on Channel 4’s T4! The video is below, screen captures have been added to the gallery.

Handbag.Com Interview

For promotion for The Wolfman Emily was interviewed by She talks about her character, working with her costars and her dislike of horror films! Captures are in the gallery. View the video behind the cut.

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The Wolfman B-Roll Footage and Stills

New stills from The Wolfman have been added to the gallery, as well as a behind-the-scenes picture. You can watch b-roll footage from the film here and here.

The Wolfman Updates

A big Wolfman update tonight! Several clips from The Wolfman have appeared online. Four of those clips that I know of feature Emily and those have been added to the video archive. You can access all the Wolfman clips right here. There are also two featurettes, a TV spot, and an interview from the promotion in Rome. Screen captures have also been added to the gallery.

The Wolfman London Photocall

Emily and Benicio Del Toro where in London last night attending the photocall for The Wolfman! The promotion for this film seems pretty low key … I was expecting some premieres. Maybe the film will just get a world premiere in LA?

The Wolfman Berlin Photocall

Emily and co-star Benicio Del Toro are in Berlin today promoting The Wolfman! Pictures from the photocall have been added to the gallery.

The Wolf Man Posters

A bunch of new posters for The Wolf Man have been released and have been added to the gallery! I can’t wait to see this film, the posters look great!

Second Trailer for The Wolf Man

The second trailer for The Wolf Man, which will be released on February 11th, 2010 has been released today! Emily isn’t featured that much in it, but there are a few extra glimpses! Emily has also been to a couple of events recently so bare with us whilst we catch up! Sarika and I are both busy with University :[ Updates coming soon!

The Wolf Man Trailer

The trailer for The Wolf Man has finally been released online and as promised I have screen capped it and added it to the video archive! I think it looks really great, I’m really impressed at how they’ve transformed Chatsworth house, it looks amazing. (There seems to be something wrong with the thumbs in the video archive, but the vids are all fine, I’ll work on fixing it.)

The Wolf Man Stills

Despite being pushed back to February next year the trailer for The Wolf Man will be released on Yahoo today. Also a few new production stills have popped up! The trailer is set to be released some time today, so as soon as it becomes available, I will have screen captures and a video up for your viewing pleasure! Until then enjoy these new stills of Emily, here are some other stills from the movie too.

The Wolf Man Pushed Back

On Tuesday Universal announced that The Wolf Man will now be released in 2010. The film had an original release date of April 3, 2009, it was then pushed to November 6th and now the new official release date will be February 12, 2010.

The Examiner – Universal’s decision to push back the release date again, as well as The Wolf Man’s film’s noticeable absence from last week’s San Diego Comic-Con, has raised serious concerns. February has long been considered Hollywood’s dumping grounds for bad movies.

Wolf Man Re-Shoots

The Daily Mail is reporting that The Wolf Man has undergone some weeks of reshoots. Apparently film makers weren’t happy with the way the Wolf looked and so they have redesigned it!

Benicio Del Toro flew to the UK for the re-shoots. Emily Blunt had more limited availability due to filming for Gulliver’s Travels and Anthony Hopkins couldn’t return to London so he did his additional filming in LA.