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Grazia “Your Sister’s Sister” Video Clip

Grazia have shared a new exclusive clip from Your Sister’s Sister, check it out below!

“Your Sister’s Sister” Video Clip

The Guardian have an exclusive clip from Your Sisters Sister. The video will not embed so click on the image below.

Emily Blunt shares secrets of “Your Sister’s Sister”

The Toronto Star has a new article with Emily in which she discusses her new movie, Your Sister’s Sister.

Writer-director Lynn Shelton’s comedy Your Sister’s Sister reveals something you’ve probably never seen in a fiction film: genuine surprise.

Actress Emily Blunt gulps, gasps and breaks into a furious blush when Rosemarie DeWitt, playing her stepsister, reveals an embarrassingly intimate secret at the dinner table in director Lynn Shelton’s largely unscripted Your Sister’s Sister. The comedy, which was a hit with its world-premiere audience at TIFF last September, arrives in theatres Friday.
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“Your Sister’s Sister” Q&A

Emily and Rosemarie DeWitt have sat down with The Washington Post and taken part in a Q&A about Your Sister’s Sister.

Shot over 12 days in a cabin on a remote island off Washington state, Lynn Shelton’s “Your Sister’s Sister” is a naturalistic, largely improvised film that, despite its seeming artlessness, builds its drama organically and effectively.

It’s the fourth feature from the Seattle-based Shelton, the director of “Humpday,” whose light, comedic touch and collaborative, low-budget process have made her a cult favorite and a sought-after filmmaker for actors eager for freedom and realism. “Your Sister’s Sister” stars Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt (the most established actors yet to work with Shelton) as sisters whose relationship is challenged by a visiting friend (Mark Duplass).
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Tribeca – “Your Sister’s Sister” Premiere

Continuing her run at the Tribeca Film Festival, last night Emily attended the premiere of Your Sister’s Sister. She again looked stunning in a red lace dress by Michael Kors, worn with Christian Louboutin shoes and a Louis Vuitton clutch. Pictures have been added to the gallery.

“Your Sister’s Sister” First Trailer

The first trailer for Your Sister’s Sister has finally been released!

Sundance Film Festival “Your Sister’s Sister” Premiere

The 2012 Sundance Film Festival has kicked off in Park City Utah this weekend and Emily was there promoting Your Sister’s Sister. Pictures from the portrait session and premiere have been added to the gallery.

TIFF – “Your Sister’s Sister” Portraits

Two portraits taken of Emily at TIFF for Your Sister’s Sister have been added to the gallery. Emily looks beautiful as usual, hopefully more will become available soon. Click below to see all the pictures.

TIFF – “Your Sister’s Keeper” Party & Premere

Yesterday Emily attended the Grey Goose Party and Premiere of Your Sister’s Keeper during The Toronto Film Festival!

First Look at “Your Sister’s Sister”

Entertainment Weekly have published the first look at Emily in Your Sister’s Sister!

Here’s what the stars of Your Sister’s Sister can say about the movie:

“I don’t know how much I can tell you about the story. We’ve been told to keep that under wraps,” says Emily Blunt, who plays Iris, the more mature and successful of the eponymous siblings.

Rosemarie DeWitt, who is the troubled, chaotic one, Hannah, also hems and haws before, finally telling EW: “The situation itself is the spoiler.”
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