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Access Hollywood Interview

During the press junket for The Adjustment Bureau Emily was interviewed by Access Hollywood, check it out below!

Emily Blunt plays a ballerina who is forced to fight her own fate in her new film, “The Adjustment Bureau,” but in reality, the British beauty feels incredibly grateful for the way her destiny has played out.

“I look back with gratitude to a lot of stuff that’s happened [to me],” Emily told Access Hollywood at the junket for “The Adjustment Bureau” in New York City on Friday. “At the time it seemed awful and so upsetting, but when you look back you’re like, ‘Thank God I didn’t get into that school, because if I had gone to that school, I never would have got into drama, I’d never be here.’
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‘Blunt Ambition’

The Irish Times have a new interview with Emily, check it out below!

Emily Blunt only took up acting as part of a therapeutic programme for her debilitating stutter, but film fans can be glad that it stuck – the acting, that is. She talks gnomes, superheroes and hamburgers with TARA BRADY

‘WE’RE GOING to have to strike that one from the record, I think,” says Emily Blunt, as she pulls her feet on to the couch to aid further contemplation and catlike curling. “In fact, please put some sort of qualifying marks around everything I’ve just said. ‘Emily Blunt says, rolling her eyes.’ That sort of thing.”
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Magazine Alerts

Next month Emily is on the cover of three magazines! She and co-star Matt Damon share the covers for Men’s Health & Women’s Health and Emily cover’s Elle Canada! Previews of the covers have been added to the gallery, if anyone could donate scans I’d be very grateful. also have a brief new interview with Emily, check it out below.

Now, after lending her voice to the new animated comedy Gnomeo and Juliet, Blunt has become the first garden decoration to win a spot on AskMen’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women list. At a press event for the film, Blunt discussed the unpredictable life of an actress turned gnome.
Now that you’ve played a garden gnome, have you learned to appreciate them?
Emily Blunt : I’ve seen them, of course. But I don’t own one. I was always scared or creeped out by anything that resembled people — statues or dolls. They often look a little seedy or naughty and less child-friendly than the great designs we have in this film. So, I don’t have them around. I also don’t garden. I do know people who have garden gnomes of themselves in their garden. That’d be fun. I’d like one of myself, perhaps.
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IndieLondon interview Emily

In a new interview with IndieLondon Emily chats about her role in Gullivers! Check it out below.

Emily Blunt talks about some getting to play a ‘girly princess’ in Gulliver’s Travels and improvising with Chris O’Dowd.

She also talks about getting to grips with green screen, mixing up her roles to balance drama with comedy, and working with Jack Black on Gulliver and Matt Damon on her next movie, The Adjustment Bureau.

Q. What was the appeal of Gulliver’s Travels for you?
Emily Blunt: It was really working with Jack Black and then I loved the script. I thought it was really charming and witty and definitely a more light-hearted version of the Jonathan Swift novel. So, I think that was an interesting take on it. I hadn’t really been a part of a family movie before and I hadn’t played anyone as girly as that before, so for those reasons I also wanted to do it.
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Elle UK Scans

Gorgeous scans of Emily in Septembers edition of Elle UK have been added to the gallery. I haven’t tagged them but please credit this site if reposting!

Examiner Interview have posted a great new interview with Emily, talking about The Wolf Man amongst other things! The interview has been added to the press archive, you can read it here.

How was it to working with Benicio Del Toro?
It was intense! No. He’s awesome to work with. He’s such a rare actor, in that he has a real unique approach to a scene. He’s exciting to work with, because he’s quite raw and instinctual, so you don’t really know what he will do in the scene. The scene can really take shape and it can dance and shape shift, in some ways. I love working like that because there’s a real openness, and you need a co-star who’s going to play with you in that way. He’s a great guy. We had a laugh on the movie. He’s a lot of fun. He’s a big teddy bear. People don’t know that. [She laughs.] …. Read On.