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Emily Blunt Gets the Royal Treatment

Interview Magazine have a new interview with Emily talking about the recent release of The Young Victoria.

The Young Victoria (out in the US this Friday) is a piece of historical revisionism. Neither a sweeping history of a monarch, nor the conventional image of the severe and reticent Queen Victoria, the film instead offers an intimate portrait of a spirited, defiant, and often-overlooked girl. Emily Blunt, best known for her role as the striving assistant in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada, captures the dual existences–private and public– of the young sovereign. Eshewing the stuffiness of nineteenth century period pieces, writer Julian Fellowes and director Jean-Marc Vallée aimed to give an old story a more modern, dynamic telling. At its center is the intense, devoted relationship between Victoria and Prince Albert (Rupert Friend). Continue reading Emily Blunt Gets the Royal Treatment

LA Confidential Interview

LA Confidential have posted a new interview with Emily along with a gorgeous new photoshoot which has been added to the gallery.

LAC: What’s so fascinating about your career is the diverse characters you’ve played from The Devil Wears Prada to Sunshine Cleaning and now The Young Victoria. What is it about a character that attracts you?
EB: It really is if they surprise me. It’s hard to specify why I respond to someone, or why anyone responds to anyone in real life. I like complexity, and I like people. People with some kind of inner turmoil going on are always interesting, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dramatic role. I don’t tend to go for passive characters, and I don’t tend to go for one-dimensional people because I don’t think people really are that way. I like characters who are hard to read—you have to find out who they are.
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Movieline Interview and Photoshoot

Movieline have posted a new interview and photoshoot with Emily in which she talks about her role in The Young Victoria and The Wolf Man, you can read all of the interview here.

Though she’s played some forbidding characters on-screen (including her breakout role in The Devil Wears Prada), it’s easy to fall for Emily Blunt. For me, affection came instantly over lunch at the Chateau Marmont as Blunt picked up a menu and cried out, “Arugula and bacon-wrapped dates! Have you had them?”
“Yes,” I said. “Bacon-wrapped anything is—”
“Awesome. I know.”
A woman after my own heart. And Blunt’s clever summation of the actor-ridden Chateau—“It’s a bit like a drama school party, isn’t it?”—didn’t hurt either. Read More?

Irish Independant

The Irish Independant has an interesting article about Emily and her role in The Young Victoria.  The article is already in the press archive. It also came with a love picture of Emily in her Victoria costume. I managed to find a larger version for the gallery.

Blunt and Dench’s portrayals are at opposite bookends of Victoria’s life, but both found a way of bringing the hoary old matriarch to life […] Her relationship with Albert is the lynchpin of the movie — it helps that he is played by Rupert Friend. “Poor Rupert,” says Blunt, “we were being interviewed together this morning, and some of the female journalists just came out and said to him, ‘You’re gorgeous’. I mean, what do you say to that? He was really embarrassed.” I’m pleased to see that Blunt is a bit of a lioness when it comes to her friends, or should we say, Friend. I make a mental note not to call him a heart-throb in her presence.

Black Book

Emily, looking ridiculously beautiful is featured in this months Black Book dressed as Dorothy Vallens. The pictures have been added to the gallery, read the full article in the press archive =)

“I adore film noir style,” says actress Emily Blunt, shown here in the role of Dorothy Vallens, the tragic femme fatale in cult auteur David Lynch’s 1986 opus Blue Velvet. The kinkfest classic turned Isabella Rossellini into an icon, while pushing noir convention into the shadows of dangerously surreal Americana. “Blue Velvet is so dark and ethereal,” says Blunt. “It’s brooding yet artistic—I love it.” Read More

The Young Victoria TV Spot

A new TV spot for The Young Victoria has aired! Much of the scenes are from the trailers but there are few new bits and I don’t know about you guys, but I love watching them over again anyway! The video has been added to the video archive here. Female First have also posted a interview with Emily that was done whilst she was on set for The Young Victoria.

It’s wonderful. It’s exciting, it’s a challenge to say the least. She was a remarkable girl and so of course you want to do her justice. And there’s a big journey to play with her from this young, rather stubborn teenager to a rather magnetic queen very much in command of herself.
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