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Live With Kelly and Ryan Interview

Watch below Emily’s full interview on Live With Kelly and Ryan. She talks about A Quiet Place, her upcoming movie Mary Poppins Returns and more.

Video: Absolute Radio Interview

Emily Blunt popped by the Absolute Radio studios to chat to Pete Donaldson about her incredible new film A Quiet Place, if stories about her being the next James Bond are true, and the strangest rumours she’s heard about herself!

Emily Blunt on Today

During production of the thriller movie “A Quiet Place,” Emily Blunt said her marriage with co-star and director John Krasinski became stronger, contrary to warnings from others. In this week’s Sunday Sitdown, the British-born actress talks to Willie Geist about working with her husband as well as what it’s like to have the stamp of approval from “The Devil Wears Prada” co-star Meryl Streep and the original Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews.

Emily Blunt visits Magic Radio and Graham Norton

Yesterday, Emily visited Magic Radio early in the morning and Graham Norton alongside her husband and ‘A Quiet Place’ co-star John Krasinski. Our gallery was updated with promotional images from both shows and we will update this post as soon as we get videos from their appearances.

004.jpg 007.jpg 009.jpg 010.jpg

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Sherlock Gnomes — Press Junket Interviews Part One

Collection of Emily’s interviews promoting Sherlock Gnomes. Watch below:


‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Interview + Stills & Screencaptures

‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Interview + Stills & Screencaptures

‘A Quiet Place’ star Emily Blunt discusses the enjoyment of playing Mary Poppins, and the strange feeling she gets when thinking about the character.

Good Morning America: Emily Blunt ‘blown away’ by husband in director role

The “A Quiet Place” star tells “GMA” about her childhood fear of Disneyland and what her kids think of her as Mary Poppins.

A Quiet Place – Interviews Part One

Collection of Emily’s interviews promoting A Quiet Place. Watch below:

SXSW Festival: ‘A Quiet Place’ Premiere

SXSW Festival: ‘A Quiet Place’ Premiere

Emily attended “A Quiet Place” Premiere during this years’ SXSW Festival. Emily plays alongside with her husband John Krasinski who is also director. Images have been added to our gallery and you can watch videos below:

003.jpg 014.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg


Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Emily Blunt Gives Some Acting Tips (Video)

Emily was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and she gave some acting tips, watch the clip below:

The Hollywood Reporter Interview (Video)

Here’s a quick interview from The Hollywood Reporter where the cast talks about Sicario and the war on drugs, thanks Claudia:

Emily vs. Anne’s Lip Sync Battle Airs Tonight!

Emily vs. Anne’s Lip Sync Battle Airs Tonight!

Spike TV will air Emily’s Lip Sync Battle against Anne Hathaway tonight on Spike TV. Some promos/previews have been released which you can find and watch below. Be sure to tune in tonight and check your local listings for the time!

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Additional Jimmy Kimmel: After The Oscars Coverage

High definition screencaptures and the official stills of Emily and John’s Jimmy Kimmel: After The Oscars segment have been added in our gallery. You can find the video of their segment after the jump:

Gallery Links:

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The Kimmel School of Perfect Acting (Video)

Great segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live with Emily and John

Ellen Plays ‘Heads Up! Pictures’ with the Cast of ‘Into the Woods’

Video from Ellen DeGeneres show where they play “Heads Up! Pictures”: