Emily rumoured for Ms. Marvel role

Rumours have surfaced online that Emily and Ruth Wilson are in competition for the rumoured role of Ms. Marvel in the 2015 Avengers Sequel. This information has reportedly come from the Daily Mail.

The Avengers sequel will reportedly feature the character Ms. Marvel, with Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson currently competing for the role.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson are in contention for the role of Ms. Marvel in Avengers 2 and that the role is being sought after by Hollywood’s hottest actresses. Emily Blunt can been seen in the hit thriller Looper with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, while Ruth Wilson will be starring in The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, and Helena Bonham Carter. Blunt obviously has more film titles to her name, which gives her an edge, and considering Looper is hitting it big with both the box office and critics, it may be just what she needs to edge out the competition.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Meanwhile, British actresses Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson are head-to-head in a race for the most sought-after new female role in Hollywood. Emily, 29, and Ruth, 30, are both hotly tipped to play superhero Ms. Marvel in Avengers 2, the sequel to Avengers Assemble.”

Ms. Marvel is an enormously big fan favorite of The Avengers comic fans and community. Ms. Marvel’s name is actually Carol Danvers and is caught in an explosion where she is seriously injured. She resurfaces with superhuman abilities and becomes the hero known as Ms. Marvel in her self-titled series in 1977. The energy exposure from the explosion caused Danver’s genetic structure to meld with Captain Marvel’s and turns her into a human-Kree hybrid. This results in superhuman strength, endurance, stamina, flight, physical durability, a sixth sense, and she’s virtually indestructible.

Whichever actress nabs this role should be in for a substantial role in The Avengers sequel. It will be very interesting to see who ends up being cast and how she’ll be worked into what should be one incredible sequel. It’s too bad we’ll have to wait until its May 1, 2015 release date before seeing Ms. Marvel on the big screen. At least we’ll get to mull over the massive rumors until then.

While The Avengers sequel is still a ways off, these films are cast way in advance due to the size of the productions. We already know that Joss Whedon will be directing the smash hit’s sequel and that it will include the rest of the returning monster cast with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, and Tom Hiddleston. If the rumors are true, one of these ladies will be in for superstardom come 2015.