If you would like to contact Emily or request an autographed picture you can use the following address.

When writing to Emily please remember that if you are requesting an autographed picture, you must include a self addressed and sufficiently stamped envelope along with your letter. If you are just writing a letter and do not want an autograph then there is no need to send an extra envelope. For people outside of the UK who wish to write to Emily, please make sure to include International Reply Coupons as well as your self addressed envelope!

Emily Blunt
Ken McReddie Associates
36-40 Glasshouse Street
London, W1B 5DL

6 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Hi Emily I just watched girl on a train can I say how well you played a drunk I can relate so much it makes me sad but it made and helped me face reality so thank you xx

  2. Hi Emily and helpers!
    I am interested in finding out about the outfit Emily wore on the Ellen show a couple of weeks ago. Black glittery top almost turtleneck in the front, open in the back with horizontal straps?
    I wish to purchase one as a gift for my good friend who helped me learn a fantastic dance for a fundraiser in Indianapolis. I don’t know if I really can afford it, but would love to find out the designer/manufacturer and or where to purchase. It would be perfect for my friend!
    Thank you so much for your time!

  3. Wish I could find you when I woke up, edge of tomorrow omg. What a beautiful exercise in the capacity or the human imagination and truly one of the films simply has a man nothing but reeling from your performance. Now I understand it most likely is not you responding to this bought the thought that you may is more than enough for any man. I will rest happily knowing I had the courage to send this email.

  4. Hi Emily

    I have never written to a film star before – but need to say bravo on Mary Poppins returns – great performance and fabulous film – from a 47 year old mother of a 7 year old who
    Also loved it .

  5. Hi Emily,
    My husband and I watched the “Quiet Place” and it was remarkable and touching. I loved the silence and the use of sign language. For me, the facial expressions, body language along with the sign language displayed the bare essence of communication. In the same way, the thought of living in perpetual fear of making sound and the requirement to be silent as the driving force is a unique antagonist. Awesome job! Loved it.
    P.S. I know a few people who would not last one hour in such conditions because they talk so much. 🙂

  6. Dear Emily,

    I have just seen you in Mary Poppins Returns. I so enjoyed seeing the film I loved everything the music and dancing. I was so thrilled to see Dick Van Dyke still singing and dancing at 93 and Angela Lansbury they still have it. While I was watching the film listening to Ben Whishaw he sounded so like Colin Firth. I hope you enjoyed playing Mary Poppins? I do hope that you will do some more singing and dancing.

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