Irish Independant

The Irish Independant has an interesting article about Emily and her role in The Young Victoria.  The article is already in the press archive. It also came with a love picture of Emily in her Victoria costume. I managed to find a larger version for the gallery.

Blunt and Dench’s portrayals are at opposite bookends of Victoria’s life, but both found a way of bringing the hoary old matriarch to life […] Her relationship with Albert is the lynchpin of the movie — it helps that he is played by Rupert Friend. “Poor Rupert,” says Blunt, “we were being interviewed together this morning, and some of the female journalists just came out and said to him, ‘You’re gorgeous’. I mean, what do you say to that? He was really embarrassed.” I’m pleased to see that Blunt is a bit of a lioness when it comes to her friends, or should we say, Friend. I make a mental note not to call him a heart-throb in her presence.