“Looper” Comic-Con panel

Yesterday Emily sat on the Looper panel during this years Comic Con! Entertainment Weekly have a nice round up of the panel which you can read below. Pictures to follow shortly.

he Project: Looper

The Panel: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, director Rian Johnson

Footage Screened: Johnson called the sizzle reel an expanded version of the latest trailer, but there were still brand new peeks at one of the buzziest sci-fi films at Comic-Con. The first was a conversation between Gordon-Levitt — playing Joe, a mob assassin called a Looper who takes out marks zapped back to him from the future — and the mob boss played by a burly, bearded Jeff Daniels. First, the boss noted that he recruited Joe as the youngest Looper he’d ever hired, and then asked Joe where he was going to go after he retired (more on that in a sec). “I’m going to France,” said Joe. “You should go to China,” said the boss. “I’m going to France,” said Joe. “I’m from the future,” said the boss. “You should go to China.”

Then Joe gets his latest mark: Himself, 30 years older (and played by Bruce Willis). Willis escapes, and all hell breaks loose. We hear talk of a shadowy and ominous figure from the future called the Rainmaker. We also get a brief glimpse of Emily Blunt’s character levitating a lighter, but my favorite moment comes in a face-off between Willis and Gordon-Levitt, when Willis stares down his younger self with this killer line: “Shut your f—ing child mouth.”

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Snap Judgment: Based on the footage, and the buzz circulating Hall H, I’d say it may be safe to call Looper one of the bigger hits of this year’s Comic-Con.

The Big Revelation: True to her name, Emily Blunt did not mince words: “I feel this is the best movie I’ve ever been a part of.”

Most Unintentionally Troublemaking Audience Question: Asked about the best part about working with Blunt, Gordon-Levitt started by complimenting Blunt’s sense of humor. But then he waded into much more dangerous waters: “Let’s face it, most pretty girls aren’t funny.” Blunt tried her best to mask her shock, compounded by the moderator’s unfortunate “joke” that pretty women don’t need to try to be funny. Gordon-Levitt backtracked pretty well, immediately saying “I don’t want to make sweeping generalizations.’”