Tate and O’Dowd Join Gulliver’s Travels

According to digitalspy.com, two more cast members have been added to Gulliver’s Travels: Chris O’Dowd and Catherine Tate.

Appearing on BBC show Something For The Weekend, O’Dowd (The IT Crowd) revealed that he will play Edward in the movie, fiancé to Emily Blunt’s princess and enemy to Jack Black’s Gulliver.

Tate, meanwhile, will portray the Queen of Lilliput in Fox’s adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s satirical novel, which centres on a writer who is washed up on an island inhabited by tiny people.

“It’s a big, kick-off Hollywood film,” Tate is quoted as saying.

Irresistible Screen Captures

DVD Screen captures of Emily in Irresistible have been added to the gallery! Emily was fantastic in this role, for those who haven’t seen the movie I will post some video clips very soon, so keep checking back. Gideon’s Daughter is also coming up!

New Movie: Shoot the Messenger

According to JoBlo.com, Emily will star alongside Anthony Hopkins in Shoot the Messenger.

Dangerously hot British thesp Emily Blunt has, along with Anthony Hopkins, joined the cast of […] writer Ted Griffin’s upcoming directorial effort SHOOT THE MESSENGER. The story is based on Irvin Yalom’s novel “Lying on the Couch.”

Among those doing the lying are Carolyn, who hopes to ruin the career of psychotherapist Ernest Lash because she believes his advice led her husband to seek a divorce. Then there is the gambler whose plan is to lure another psychotherapist into malpractice so he can sue and pay off his debts. In Yalom’s world, it’s sometimes hard to tell who needs advice and counseling more–the patient lying on the couch or therapist sitting nearby.

New Section: Song Clips

First of all, the problem mentioned in the last post has been fixed! Thank you Gertie and Luciana! I added a new section to the site dedicated to song clips of Emily singing. I thought her other talent deserved its own page, so let me know what you think. You can access the page right here.

Papa (Gideon’s Daughter)

Isolda’s Song (Boudica)

Photoshoot Update

Hey guys,
Firstly sorry if anyone has experienced some downtime over the past few days the site was hacked so Sarika and I have been working tirelessly to get everything sorted out and we still aren’t sure that everything is working correctly so give us a more few days. In the mean time I have updated the gallery with an old photoshoot Emily did in 2007 for Max Mara! (Sadly they are tagged)

Jimmy Fallon Show

Here is the video of Emily appearing on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. Sorry I didn’t get this to you yesterday! The video can be viewed here. Emily is hilarious with her pretzel!