Vogue Italia

Emily is featured in the current issue of Vogue Italia. Gorgeous pictures have been added to the gallery, hopefully we’ll see more of this soon.

The scene is that of a David Hockney acrylic painting, all that is missing are the automatic sprinklers watering the garden. At the top of a green hill in Hollywood, the downtown white-grey skyscrapers on one side, the blue ocean on the other, the poolis azure and has gentle and sinuous contours. She, Emily Blunt, in a cigarette skirt, fire red lips and nails, soft wavy hair, is posing for the photographer.

It is the image of an intense, strong and timeless femininity. It makes you think ofthe stars from the Thirties and Forties; also certain haute couture images from the Seventies that have marked an epoch. Emily Blunt is happy. Satisfied. And precisely she, who has made herself known more for her talent as an actress than for covers of magazines, has been chosen to represent Opium, the most legendary, sensual and Byzantine perfume by Yves Saint Laurent.
English, 28 years old, she lives between Los Angeles and London.

And now it is her moment: she is happily married to John Krasinski, the American actor fromThe Office and over the next few months we will see her as the female protagonist of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, with Ewan McGregor; The Five-Year Engagement, with Jason Segel;Arthur Newman, Golf Pro, with Colin Firth; Looper, a science-fiction story with Bruce Willis: all projects which in Hollywood are spoken about with pride and enthusiasm.