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Virtuoso Awards

Yesterday Emily attended the Virtuoso awards where she was honored along with Saoirse Ronan, Carey Mulligan and Michael Stuhlbarg. Pictures are in the gallery! Thanks to Amanda!

The Wolfman Russia Premiere

Emily attended the premiere of The Wolfman in Russia on February 2. Pictures are in the gallery.

The Wolfman Madrid Photocall

Emily attended the Wolfman photocall in Madrid today. Pictures are in the gallery!

The Wolfman London Photocall

Emily and Benicio Del Toro where in London last night attending the photocall for The Wolfman! The promotion for this film seems pretty low key … I was expecting some premieres. Maybe the film will just get a world premiere in LA?

The Wolfman Rome Photocall

Photos of Emily attending The Wolfman Rome photocall have been added to the gallery.

The Wolfman Berlin Photocall

Emily and co-star Benicio Del Toro are in Berlin today promoting The Wolfman! Pictures from the photocall have been added to the gallery.

“Hope For Haiti Now” Picture

A lovely picture of Emily and fiance John Krasinski at the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon has been added to the gallery. I managed to catch most of the program and it was really moving (and the music was really good). A very big thank you to Emily and John for participating! Please see my last post for links to help out charities for Haiti!

Golden Globe Awards

As many of you already know, Emily was nominated for a Golden Globe Best Actress Award for her portrayal of Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria. The award went to Sandra Bullock, but it was was nice that Emily was recognized! Emily attended the awards with her fiance, John Krasinski. The first pictures are in the gallery!

BAFTA/LA’s 16th Annual Awards Season Tea Party

Yesterday Emily attended BAFTA/LA’s 16th Annual Awards Season Tea Party, looking beautiful in a lovely blue dress! I love that color on her! Pictures have been added to the gallery. Remember its Golden Globes day today so we’ll hopefully be getting more pictures. Updates may not come straight away, Sarika and I are very busy and I’m in the UK and may not be able to stay up all night waiting for pictures to come in. All will be updated tomorrow though and keep your fingers crossed for Emily!

Critics Choice Awards 2010

Last night Emily and fiance John Krasinski walked the red carpet of the Critics’ Choice Awards! Emily looked stunning in a silver George Chakra dress and gorgeous gorgeous Diego Dolcini shoes!

New Events

Emily has been a busy girl over the past few days, attending two new events. On the 9th she attended the premiere of It’s Complicated and last night she attended the Cinema Society Screening of The Young Victoria, both in New York. Pictures are now in the gallery!

“Young Victoria” Variety Screening

On November 13, Emily attended a Variety screening for The Young Victoria in Los Angeles. Pictures are in the gallery!

“Young Victoria” LA Premiere

Emily and Rupert Friend attended the Los Angeles premire of The Young Victoria yesterday. There are 100+ MQ and HQ pictures from the event in the gallery, including pictures from the after party.

“24 Hour Plays On Broadway” After Party

I apologize for the lateness of this event update. Emily attended the “24 Hour Plays On Broadway” After Party on November 9. Pictures are in the gallery!

18th Annual BAFTA

Gorgeous new pictures of Emily attending the 18th Annual BAFTA / LA Britannia Awards have been added to the gallery! We will do our best to get hold of some HQ pictures for you so keep checking back!