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Para Ti Photoshoot

Emily has recently been photographed for a feature in Para Ti. She’s looking very beautiful in an emerald green dress.

Manhattan Magazine Scans

Emily is on the cover of Manhattan Magazine with a beautiful new photoshoot! A preview of the spread has been added to the gallery, hopefully I’ll be able to find HQ ones very soon.

Veronica Magazine Scans

Scans from Veronica Magazine have been added to the gallery, big thanks to Linsay for those :]

Vogue Italia

Emily is featured in the current issue of Vogue Italia. Gorgeous pictures have been added to the gallery, hopefully we’ll see more of this soon.

The scene is that of a David Hockney acrylic painting, all that is missing are the automatic sprinklers watering the garden. At the top of a green hill in Hollywood, the downtown white-grey skyscrapers on one side, the blue ocean on the other, the poolis azure and has gentle and sinuous contours. She, Emily Blunt, in a cigarette skirt, fire red lips and nails, soft wavy hair, is posing for the photographer.
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Scans Update

Magazine scans from Womens Health and Mens Health have been added to the gallery.

Womens Health Interview

Womens Health have posted a new interview with Emily in which she talks about her fitness regime! It is accompanied by a cute new photoshoot picture of Emily and Matt Damon!

To snag a coveted role opposite Matt Damon in the upcoming movie The Adjustment Bureau, actress Emily Blunt had to morph into a believable ballerina—fast. Here, she shares how she was able to slim down, tone up, and get fit in just six weeks

“It’s rather snooty in here, isn’t it?” Emily Blunt asks with a laugh as she works her way down the dimly lit hallway of a private club in Los Angeles. It’s not exactly the kind of observation you’d expect from a British actress best known for playing chicks who are—to put it frankly—stuck up (an assistant to the editor of a fashion magazine in The Devil Wears Prada, Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria). Refreshingly, in real life the charming 27-year-old—who’s dressed down in dark J Brand skinny jeans, a plaid flannel shirt, and black-framed glasses—doesn’t have much patience for pretension.
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