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Vogue April 2014 Scans

Emily is featured in the current issue of Vogue US (April 2014) with a beautiful new editorial and interview. We decided to add both the digital and print magazine scans because they have different layouts and the digital edition includes another outtake. Many thanks to kroqjock for the digital scans!

Gallery links:
Scans from 2014 > Vogue US (April, 2014)
Scans from 2014 > Vogue US Digital (April, 2014)

InStyle’s May Cover Girl

Emily is on the cover of May’s edition of InStyle, a preview of the cover has been added to the gallery, looking forward to seeing more from this photoshoot!

InStyle – Emily Blunt is decked out in metallic Burberry Prorsum as InStyle’s May cover girl! The no-nonsense star lives up to her name in our new exclusive interview, as she gives us her unfiltered thoughts on her style, her husband, and what she really thinks of acting in Hollywood. “I see Hollywood as a bubble that you pop your head into every now and again,” she told us. “I never get fully immersed in it.” But when she does—she goes full tilt. Up next, you’ll see her alongside Colin Firth in the bittersweet odd-couple movie Arthur Newman (out April 26) and her first action flick, co-starring Tom Cruise of all people, All You Need Is Kill (out March 2014). In the meantime, she has another co-star, her real-life partner, husband John Krasinski. “Meeting John really changed my life,” she said. “When I feel the support that I have from him, I feel invincible. There’s someone behind you on your good days, and someone in front of you on your bad days.” And that’s not all—be sure to get the full interview and see more photographs when the new May issue hits newsstands—or download it to your iPad, Nook, or Droid tablet—starting this Friday, April 19.

Citizen K Photoshoot

As well as gracing the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Emily can also be seen on the cover of Citizen K. Some outtakes from the photoshoot and a preview of the cover have been added to the gallery.

Harper’s Bazaar Scans

Scans from Emily’s new feature in Harper’s Bazaar have been added to the gallery thanks to this blog. Emily looks gorgeous in this shoot! Really would like to see some more outtakes :]

Emily covers Harper’s Bazaar

Emily is on the cover of the November edition of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. A preview of the cover has been added to our gallery.

The Hollywood Reporter TIFF Scan

Emily and Colin Firth were featured in The Hollywood Reporters feature on the Toronto Film Festival. A scan has been added to the gallery, thanks to Lindsey.