Examiner Interview

Examiner.com have posted a great new interview with Emily, talking about The Wolf Man amongst other things! The interview has been added to the press archive, you can read it here.

How was it to working with Benicio Del Toro?
It was intense! No. He’s awesome to work with. He’s such a rare actor, in that he has a real unique approach to a scene. He’s exciting to work with, because he’s quite raw and instinctual, so you don’t really know what he will do in the scene. The scene can really take shape and it can dance and shape shift, in some ways. I love working like that because there’s a real openness, and you need a co-star who’s going to play with you in that way. He’s a great guy. We had a laugh on the movie. He’s a lot of fun. He’s a big teddy bear. People don’t know that. [She laughs.] …. Read On.