Movieline Interview and Photoshoot

Movieline have posted a new interview and photoshoot with Emily in which she talks about her role in The Young Victoria and The Wolf Man, you can read all of the interview here.

Though she’s played some forbidding characters on-screen (including her breakout role in The Devil Wears Prada), it’s easy to fall for Emily Blunt. For me, affection came instantly over lunch at the Chateau Marmont as Blunt picked up a menu and cried out, “Arugula and bacon-wrapped dates! Have you had them?”
“Yes,” I said. “Bacon-wrapped anything is—”
“Awesome. I know.”
A woman after my own heart. And Blunt’s clever summation of the actor-ridden Chateau—“It’s a bit like a drama school party, isn’t it?”—didn’t hurt either. Read More?

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