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“Wild Target” Screen Captures

Wild Target is now available for purchase on DVD! The movie is very funny and Emily is, of course, brilliant. Check out the screen captures in the gallery.

Wild Target Stills

Thanks to Sorties Cinema we’ve been able to add loads of unseen Wild Target stills to the gallery! Emily looks so beautiful in these, check them out.

“Wild Target” Trailer

A trailer for Emily’s upcoming flick Wild Target has been released! The movie will be out on June 18th (UK) and judging from the trailer it looks hilarious! It will be nice to see Em in something light-hearted again!

Wild Target Stills

Screen Daily recently announced that London-based sales company Protagonist Pictures has taken international to Wild Target! They have released some great new stills from the film, some of which feature Emily on their official website. The Film Catalogue have also reported that the film will run for 98 mins, thanks to Laura for the tip!

Wild Target Set Pictures

Its been a while since we have seen or heard anything about Wild Target but the director, Jonathan Lynn has released some on set pictures on his Official Website. They have been added to the gallery, hopefully we will get more from this movie soon!