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Emily Blunt: I Saved Meryl Streep’s Life During ‘Into the Woods’ Shoot

Emily Blunt: I Saved Meryl Streep’s Life During ‘Into the Woods’ Shoot

There are hazards to playing a witch, as Meryl Streep learned on the set of Into the Woods.

Emily Blunt, who co-stars with Streep in the film, was a guest on the Late Show on Tuesday, where she told David Letterman that her quick reflexes during the musical’s shoot saved the acting legend from serious injury.
“Meryl Streep’s foot got caught in her cape, and we just started to watch her slowly topple headfirst toward the concrete floor,” Blunt said.

Blunt explained that the film’s director, Rob Marshall, and her co-star James Corden were nearby but didn’t react, and so Blunt sprung into action to catch Streep, despite the fact that Blunt was pregnant at the time.
To put it another way, Blunt said: “I did save her life, yes.”
Watch the video below to find out what Blunt feels Streep owes her for acting as her guardian angel.


Emily Blunt on ‘Captain Marvel’ Role: “Let’s Call Marvel About That Right Now”

n Sunday afternoon, we spoke to Emily Blunt who is promoting her role in Disney’s ‘Into the Woods.’ During this conversation, Blunt referenced her character in this summer’s ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ comparing that role to what a possible Marvel movie might be. It just so happens, Blunt’s name has been mentioned in Internet buzz as a possible lead in Marvel’s ‘Captain Marvel’ (due in 2018), which would be Marvel’s first movie with a female lead. Has Blunt heard this buzz? As it turns out, she has. And she seems to find that buzz quite flattering, but admits she has had no discussions with Marvel at this time. Here’s that exchange:

Are you aware of the Internet buzz surrounding you playing Captain Marvel?

Somebody told me about it this morning! I knew because my brother told me.

People want you to play Captain Marvel.

Which is kind of amazing.

You were in ‘Looper’ and ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ you have that cred now.

I know. What’s she like, though? I don’t know anything about her. What’s it like, this character?

She’s great.

Cool. Is she fun? Or is she just like, straight…

No, she’s witty and strong. That’s why people keep bringing your name up. They don’t want a boring actor. A lot of personality.

Oh, cool.

I think people really liked what they saw in ‘Edge of Tomorrow.’

But it’s not the same type of character?

No. It’s weird I’m explaining this to you…

I know. Someone told me this morning, my brother, actually. They call it fan casting?


Which is lovely. It’s my favorite kind of casting! I wish it was always like that.

Sometimes fan casting works.

Which would be cool.

Maybe they can make ‘Captain Marvel’ a musical now that you’ve done ‘Into the Woods.’

[Laughs] ‘Captain Musical Marvel.’ Let’s just call Marvel about that right now. We’ll call Kevin Feige about that. “Kevin Feige, we have one hell of an idea.” Yeah.

“Only if it’s a musical will you get your dream casting.”


But in seriousness, it does appeal to you?

I think, it’s always for me, it’s always about—and now, more so—what am I putting out there? What would be interesting for me and what would be interesting for people to see. So, if it’s an awesome part, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Marvel movie or a tiny movie, I’d be up for it.

You’d be a hero for every 10-year-old girl out there right now.

Really? Then that’s huge.

There’s no Marvel female superhero who has her own movie yet.

That’s huge. How awesome. I love this. No one has actually called me about it, so, we’ll hold our breath. [Laughs] I don’t know if I’ll get the call ever if I pitch it should be a musical.


USA Today Interview + Photoshoot

Emily sat down with USA Today while promoting “Edge Of Tomorrow“. We missed this interview before but you can read it below and we also added the high quality photoshoot in our gallery.

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If there’s one thing above all others that is at the core of Emily Blunt, it’s her family.

There’s her infant daughter, Hazel, currently in Boston with dad John Krasinski, Blunt’s husband since 2010. Mom and daughter have only been apart a day, but, says Blunt, “It’s hard the first time. It’s strange. She’s always with me. She’s ridiculously cute. It really is the best thing. Everyone says that it is, and it is.”

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Harper’s Bazaar UK Scans

The digital magazine scans of Harper’s Bazaar UK July 2014 issue are added in our gallery. We also added an additional outtake of the photoshoot. The magazine is on newsstands so be sure to pick up your own copy!

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The Graham Norton Show

Emily and her “Edge Of Tomorrow” co-star Tom Cruise made an appearance on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show yesterday. We added the official stills in our gallery and you can watch the official previews below/inside this post. We will add the HD screencaptures as soon as possible so stay tuned!

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Emily Covers Harper’s Bazaar UK (July)

Emily is gracing the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK July 2014 issue. The issue will hit newsstand on June 4th so be sure to pick up your own copy. We added the cover and first photoshoot outtakes in our gallery and we will add the scans as soon as possible.

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“I loved being pregnant,” Emily Blunt tells Ajesh Patalay in the July issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “Most people probably don’t like hearing that because some women have a terrible time, but I really liked it.”

The 31-year-old and her actor husband (The US Office’s John Krasinski), welcomed their first child, daughter Hazel, in February of this year. The actress worked through her pregnancy – on Rob Marshall’s adaptation of Steven Sondheim’s Into The Woods – stopping only when she “ballooned” and found herself with cankles. “Doesn’t everyone?” she questions. “I hope everyone does. Probably Gisele doesn’t, but I definitely did.”

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