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BBC Breakfast Interview

BBC Breakfast aired their press junket interview with Emily and her co-star Tom Cruise this morning. The interview was pre-recorded during the “Edge Of Tomorrow” junket on Sunday. You can watch the interview below.

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The Ellen Degeneres Show Appearance

Emily made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres yesterday to promote “Edge Of Tomorrow” and you can watch the official previews of her appearance below/inside.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live Appearance

Emily made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday evening to promote “Edge Of Tomorrow“. You can (re)watch the official previews of the interview below/inside.

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“Arthur Newman” ‘Next Movie’ Interview

Jay Leno Show Stills

Emily recently appeared on the Jay Leno Show along with Tom Cruise (All You Need is Kill costar) to promote Arthur Newman, stills have been added to our gallery.

2012 TIFF – “Looper” City News Interview

On TIFF’s very first day, City News sat down with Emily Blunt to discuss the festival opener Looper.

The mind-bending film forays into the future; time travel has been invented but is illegal and only used by criminal organizations. ‘Loopers’ are hired guns tasked with wiping out mob targets who have been sent back in time, never to be seen in the future again. But problems arise when ‘Looper’ Joe [Gordon-Levitt] fails to kill his future self [Willis]. Blunt plays Sara, a single mom from Kansas with a heavy past who gets caught up in Joe’s complicated conundrum.
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