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Emily Blunt Gets the Royal Treatment

Interview Magazine have a new interview with Emily talking about the recent release of The Young Victoria.

The Young Victoria (out in the US this Friday) is a piece of historical revisionism. Neither a sweeping history of a monarch, nor the conventional image of the severe and reticent Queen Victoria, the film instead offers an intimate portrait of a spirited, defiant, and often-overlooked girl. Emily Blunt, best known for her role as the striving assistant in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada, captures the dual existences–private and public– of the young sovereign. Eshewing the stuffiness of nineteenth century period pieces, writer Julian Fellowes and director Jean-Marc Vallée aimed to give an old story a more modern, dynamic telling. At its center is the intense, devoted relationship between Victoria and Prince Albert (Rupert Friend). Continue reading Emily Blunt Gets the Royal Treatment

Emily Singing in TYV

In one of the deleted scenes from The Young Victoria Emily shows off her singing talents yet again. I’m not sure what the song is, but I have uploaded it for you to listen too below. Let me know if anyone can guess the song =)


Young Victoria Closing TIFF

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Young Victoria will be closing this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. The festival begins September 10. The Young Victoria has yet to be released in North American, so I hope this will help it get the attention it deserves! Thank you, Lisa, for the heads up.

The Young Victoria DVD Captures

As promised, here are the DVD Screen Captures from The Young Victoria. I know a lot of people still haven’t been able to see the film so I hope you enjoy the caps! Em was so beautiful in this film.

The Young Victoria DVD Special Features

The Young Victoria is available to buy on DVD in the UK today! I have already been out and bought my copy and here are some screen captures from the special features! The features were great on this dvd, with nearly half an hour of deleted scenes footage! Screen captures of the main movie will follow shortly.

The Young Victoria Deleted Scene

With the DVD release of The Young Victoria getting even closer a deleted scene from the film has been released! It’s a beautiful scene between Emily and Rupert Friend. Screen captures are below and the video can be viewed here.

Young Victoria Stills

Hello everyone. I added a few more production stills from The Young Victoria to the gallery.

The Young Victoria Stills and Promos

A big big thank you goes out to Tara who has very kindly sent in these gorgeous HQ stills and promos from The Young Victoria that we either didn’t have or were tagged! Also according to the DVD for The Young Victoria will be released on July 13th in the UK!

The Young Victoria Posters

Two gorgeous new posters from The Young Victoria have been added to the gallery, thank you so much to Tara for donating those! I have also uploaded another image from the promotional photoshoot Emily and Rupert did.

Irish Independant

The Irish Independant has an interesting article about Emily and her role in The Young Victoria.  The article is already in the press archive. It also came with a love picture of Emily in her Victoria costume. I managed to find a larger version for the gallery.

Blunt and Dench’s portrayals are at opposite bookends of Victoria’s life, but both found a way of bringing the hoary old matriarch to life […] Her relationship with Albert is the lynchpin of the movie — it helps that he is played by Rupert Friend. “Poor Rupert,” says Blunt, “we were being interviewed together this morning, and some of the female journalists just came out and said to him, ‘You’re gorgeous’. I mean, what do you say to that? He was really embarrassed.” I’m pleased to see that Blunt is a bit of a lioness when it comes to her friends, or should we say, Friend. I make a mental note not to call him a heart-throb in her presence.

The Young Victoria Media

Hello everyone. I found two more clips from The Young Victoria, which opens today in UK cinemas. If you get a chance to see it, please let us know what you thought of it! Meanwhile, I added the clips to the video archive and screencaps to the gallery!

003.JPG 023.JPG 033.JPG 007.JPG

Film 2009 Review

As well as featuring a behind the scenes look Film 2009 also reviewed The Young Victoria for the show that aired on March 3rd! Jonathan Ross talks highly of the film and praises both Emily and her costar Rupert Friend. The video can be viewed here. Captures are below.

More Young Victoria Media

A new clip from The Young Victoria has surfaced. It is a romantic scene entitled “Marry me.” I added the clip to the video archive and made screen captures for the gallery. As well, I added a TV spot and an interview with Emily about the film. The links are after the thumbnails.

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Film 2009

Ok, here is that behind the scenes look at The Young Victoria that was featured in Film 2009 with Jonathan Ross! There are a few new scenes in there so it’s definitely worth a watch! Video can be found here. The Paul O’Grady show is airing right now, Emily’s segment has already happened, so I’ll do my best to get a video of that!

The Young Victoria Premiere Additional Coverage

I have  quite a few things to update with today so sorry for bombarding you with all of this stuff! Firstly additional pictures from the premiere itself have been uploaded as well as some from the after party! Video clips and captures from the red carpet interviews have also been uploaded as well as BBC Report on the costumes used in The Young Victoria. I also have a behind the scenes look at the Coronation scene from Film 2009 with Jonathan Ross, that will come a little later! Also, Emily is scheduled to appear on the Paul O’Grady show at 5pm on Channel 4 so don’t miss that!

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